Biological explanation of anorexia essay

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Biological explanation of anorexia essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. N; evolutionary, genetic and neurobiological. The evolutionary explanation focuses on the adapted to flee hypothesis.

Guisinger 03 suggested that Anorexia served an adaptive purpose in the environment of evolutionary adaption. He explains that levels of restlessness, traits that characterise anorexia, would have been adaptive during times in which food supplies were exhausted, as hunter-gatherers had to find new sources of food.

Therefore high levels of activity and denial of hunger would have promoted migration in response to famine. This would promote survival of the collective group, which would provide more safety for its individual members and so the trait would be passed onto further generations.

The Genetic explanation of Anorexia Nervosa suggests that anorexia is genetically transmitted through generations. Based upon research into the topic it appears that individuals that have a relative with anorexia have an increased risk of developing the disorder themselves, which would suggest that anorexia is not directly inherited as many physical attributes are but that a predisposition to Anorexia is inherited.

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The use of twin studies allows researches to establish the relative contribution of genetics and environmental factors, as MZ twins are genetically identical while DZ twins are only genetically similar.

Given the fact that both twin sets share an environment it is assumed to mean that this is controlled with any differences in proneness to Anorexia Nervosa being attributed to genetics.

Lastly, the Neurobiological hypotheses, developed more recently suggests that abnormalities in CNS serotonin function may play a role in the development and persistence of the anorexia nervosa.

Biological explanation of anorexia essay

Studies of long-term weight-recovered patients have revealed increased serotonin activity, such as elevated levels of serotonin metabolite 5-hydroxyindoleactic acid in the CFS and reduced binding potential of receptors, suggestive of higher levels of circulating CNS serotonin, in several brain regions metabolites are by-products of metabolism that can be assessed infer neurotransmitter activity.

Due to the fact the evolutionary explanation is speculative there is a complete lack of evidence to support it; it is near impossible to prove. It could be argued that if this trait were still an adaptive advantage and it was the sole explanation for anorexia then everyone should develop anorexia.

As it stands, anorexia is not a hugely common disease. In addition, rates of anorexia have increased. The most substantial increase was among females aged years, for whom a significant increase was observed from to Due to the fact the evolutionary explanation of Anorexia cannot be supported by research this explanation therefore has no practical applications.

Even if it could be proved, this explanation is revolved around evolution, a process over which humans can exert no real control. Therefore, there would be no obvious steps that could be taken to try and prevent these anorexic traits from being passed on.

Research into genetics and neurobiology are conventionally scientific as research is replicable and investigates working hypotheses with quantitative data.

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This can be contrasted with the evolutionary explanation, as this cannot provide research, which therefore cannot be replicated, and the hypothesis cannot be falsified.

However it should be considered that anorexia is clearly a complex disease that does not readily lend itself to investigations, which yield quantitative data.AFAM Intro to African American Studies This course provides an overview of African American history and culture.

Topics include major events, persons, and issues spanning the period from the African heritage to contemporary times. Biological explanations for anorexia nervosa Biological explanations for anorexia nervosa include neural explanations and evolutionary explanations.

1st BIOLOGICAL EXPLANATION - Neurotransmitters-Serotonin Disturbances in the levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin appear to be a characteristic of individuals with eating disorders.

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