Bir form 1701

One of your major responsibilities as a freelancer or sole proprietor is filing your BIR form Q. This is submitted quarterly for the first quarter, second quarter and third quarter.

Bir form 1701

Bir form 1701

In the case of married individuals where only one of the spouses is deriving gross income, only such spouse shall be allowed the personal exemption. An individual, whether single or married, shall be allowed an additional exemption of P25, for each qualified dependent child, not exceeding four 4.

The additional exemption for dependents shall be claimed by the husband, who is deemed the proper claimant, unless be explicitly waives his right in favor of his wife. In the case of legally separated spouses, additional exemption may be claimed only by the spouse who has custody of the child or children; Provided, that the total amount of additional exemptions that may be claimed by both shall not exceed the maximum additional exemptions allowed by the Tax Code.

Change of Status If the taxpayer marries or should have additional dependent s as defined above during the taxable year, the taxpayer may claim the corresponding personal or additional exemption, as the case may be, in full for such year.

If the taxpayer dies during the taxable year, his estate may still claim the personal and additional exemptions for himself and his dependent s as if he died at the close of such year.

Bir form 1701

If the spouse or any of the dependents dies or if any of such dependents marries, becomes twenty-one 21 years old or becomes gainfully employed during the taxable year, the taxpayer may still claim the same exemptions as if the spouse or any of the dependents died, or as if such dependents married, became twenty-one 21 years old or became employed at the close of such year.

Allowable Deductions A taxpayer engaged in business or in the practice of profession shall choose either the optional or itemized deduction described below deduction. The choice made in the return is irrevocable for the taxable year covered. This type of deduction shall not be allowed for non-resident aliens engaged in trade or business.

Hence, the following rates and bases shall apply for the taxable year In case of married taxpayers, only the spouse claiming the additional exemption for dependents shall be entitled to this deduction. Penalties There shall be imposed and collected as part of the tax: All background information must be properly filled up.

All returns filed by an accredited tax agent on behalf of the taxpayer shall bear the following information: For CPAs and others individual practitioners and.BIR Form No. - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. For instance, if ang registration mo with the BIR is as a non-VAT registrant, kailangang magbayad ka ng percentage tax monthly and kelangang mag-file ka rin ng quarterly Income Tax Return and magiging attachments mo sa tax return mo ang BIR Form BIR Form No.

shall be filed by individuals who are engaged in trade/business or the practice of profession including those with mixed income (i.e., those engaged in the trade/business or profession who are also earning compensation income) in accordance with Sec. 51 of the Code, as amended.

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