Characteristics of effective manager

Effective Communication Managers must have verbal and nonverbal interpersonal communication skills to interact with employees, customers and colleagues in a positive, productive manner. Managers must also have strong listening skills and the ability to communicate effectively in writing. Team Building Effective managers cultivate a true team culture in their organizations. This involves encouraging collaboration by providing opportunities for employees at all levels to interact with each other, be heard by management, and earn recognition for contributions that promote the good of the team.

Characteristics of effective manager

Read this article to learn about the major characteristics and qualities of a successful personnel manager in an industrial organisations!

Without a successful personnel manager, an organisation can be compared with that of a ship without rudder. The success of an organisation, to a large extent, depends on the efficiency and effectiveness with which a personnel manager discharges his duties and functions.

For proper discharge of the assigned duties, a personnel manager should have prerequisite qualifications and qualities. To be successful in his job, a Personnel Manager should be a specialist in personnel psychology, organisation theory and behaviour and as such be an effective adviser to top management in organisational as well as being able to organise his own department as well as in the organisation; he should promote goodwill and release the latent and inherent energies of his employees and associates for the benefit of enterprise.

He should be an expert in personnel administration; he should have the knowledge of various laws governing labour and industry; should have adequate knowledge of behavioural sciences and their application to industrial organisations.

The qualities that a personnel manager should possess include the following: A personnel manager should know the art of solving problems being encountered from time to time.

A personnel manager should be intelligent enough for analysing the situations for objective reasoning, and for creative thinking. A personnel manager should have a sense of vocation and faith in humanity.

A personnel manager should be in a position to inspire, motivate, and direct employees to achieve the objectives of organisation.

A personnel manager should have the capacity for persuasion coupled with patience and tolerance. Personal integrity is utmost essential lest the employees lose confidence in a personnel manager. A personnel manager should be ready to cooperate with the subordinates in times of difficulty.

A personnel manager should be ready to coordinate the subordinates activities. A personnel manager should have constant feedbacks about the performance of the staff he recruits in the interests of the company.

In addition to the above-mentioned qualities, a personnel manager should be friendly in nature; tactful in getting things done through the employees; sympathetic towards employees; should have pleasing personality; should have sophisticated tastes and habits in the work environment; should be well-groomed and should be capable of working with and through other people.

He should have an ability to generate trust amongst his peers and develop a sense of acceptability, recognition for himself as well as his ideas of communication with readiness and fluency.

Effective Communication

His facial expression with colleagues and employees should encourage confidence, convey interest in work, allay distrust and promote work-culture within the organisation.

To sum up, a personnel manager should be a person who has the human relations skill, conceptual skill to see the big picture and predict situations rather than to react to problems as they occurand should be sensitive to behavioural issues relating to personnel in organisations.

The Ten Commandments of a personnel manager can be listed thus:Jul 23,  · What other qualities do you think the modern manager should possess? Jacob Morgan is a keynote speaker, author (most recently of The Future of Work), and futurist.

You can get the first 30 pages of his book for free as well as weekly content on the future of work by subscribing to his newsletter. Characteristics of an effective manager The ten characteristics of an effective manager is; Positive attitude, Customer service, Organization, Team Player, Motivation, Leadership, Innovative/Creative, Ability to Remain Calm, Dependable, and Effectively Resolve Conflicts.

Management who displays positive attitudes, are more likely to encourage their employees and create a positive and more.

Characteristics of effective manager

Great managers care about the future as much as they care about the present for both the business and the individual. 5 Unforgettable Leadership Qualities for Successful Entrepreneurs. Next.

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Some of the most important characteristics of Human Resource Management are as follows: Nothing moves unless a piece of paper moves and no paper can move, unless a person moves.

Even if there is total automation, the organization will require a person to on the button. This shows how important. The program manager should build a curriculum to address problems in the organization and support business goals. By following this model, employees will be more likely to understand the training and it will be supported by managers and leaders.

The following personality characteristics were perceived by senior managers as indicative of an effective project manager (characteristics which were rated above 4 on the 5-point scale): Conscientious - Sticks to deadlines, completes jobs, perseveres with routine, and likes fixed schedules.

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