Danger in the desert

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Danger in the desert

List of Desert Carnivores

Australian 4x4 Driver Training and Australian 4x4 Tag Along Tours run 4wd tag along tours through the North Simpson and Simpson Deserts, the trips are from 12 to 14 days and will take in many of the iconic towns and places throughout this Outback region.

Use the buttons below for more information. On our 12 day trip we travel from north to south on the Hay River Track, most people travel south to north and miss out on most of the fun, to Poeppel Corner and then east to Birdsville via Eyre Creek and Big Red. The 14 day trip will take you through the remotest Simpson Desert crossing in Australia where very few have ever been, much of it without visible tracks - this is your chance to go somewhere in Australia that very few have seen and to have an experience that very few will ever experience.

The third desert 4wd tag along tour that we operate is across the northern edge of the Simpson and following the Madigan Line. This is the route taken by Cecil Madigan in using camels for transport. The track runs north of, and roughly parrallel for much of its way, with the French Line and QAA Line from west to east.

The area is considered remote and extensive planning is required if you intend to journey into it. A well prepared vehicle is essential and it is recommended that you travel in convoy with at least one other vehicle.

The towing of a trailer is not recommended, although many do.

Danger in the desert

Camping is allowed within metres either side of the public access tracks, however there is nothing in the way of facilities most of the way. There are gidgee woodlands in the central region of the desert that provide some shade and shelter for camping. Recently introduced regulations see the Simpson Desert closed to travellers from the end of November until March 16th each year.

If you are interested in a desert trip and want the security of traveling with others who are experienced travelers of these areas then the desert trips run by Australian 4x4 tag Along Tours may be the one for you.

The desert covers an area of approximatelysquare kilometers with an average annual rainfall of less than mm. Beneath the deserts surface is The Great Artesian Basin, a natural water storage area.

The water rises in places to feed natural springs, the best known being Dalhousie Springs which is the starting point and entry into the Simpson from the west.

Over the years bores have been drilled along the stock routes to water the stock as well as several around the oil exploration tracks and areas.

The first European explorer to visit the area was Charles Sturt in when he came across the Eyre Creek to the east, but it was not until that it was first crossed completely by Ted Colson. On the eastern perimeter of the park he is known to have sighted the remains of the km long rabbit fence put up some 50 years previously by the Vermin Control Board to stem the spread of rabbits, in which it was unsuccessful.

The first motor vehicle crossing of the desert was undertaken by Reg Sprigg in Little did he know what a precedent he was setting for the modern four wheel drivers of today.

The search resulted in many new tracks being established, several off which are still in use today. The main major routes through the desert today being the WAA Line, the French Line, the Rig Road and QAA Line The most sort after trek across the Simpson these days is between Mt Dare Hotel, in South Australia, and Birdsville in Queensland covering approximately kilometers, depending on your route, and is best undertaken between April and October, The summer months are considered too hot with temperatures exceeding 50 degrees C.

Danger in the desert

Oodnadatta is a popular starting point for the trip, or even further east at Marree. You must obtain a Desert Parks Pass and the trip can be done in, on average, around 5 days. You can spend a lot more, or even less, time here depending on how long you decide to linger at the various attractions.

There is a lot to see and do if you want to. To do so will be to place your life and those with you in extreme danger. Some dunes are known to be up to km long and they are often spaced about a kilometer apart.

Areas between the dunes are often claypans and saltpans with gibber-ironstone flats towards the eastern areas of the desert. The area between two dunes is known as a swale. The crests of dunes are constantly moving which can cause steep drops and extreme caution needs to be taken at all times when crossing them.

As from March 16th a sand flag is now mandatory and should always be attached to your vehicle to alert drivers coming in the opposite direction. A mine spec flag fulfils the current requirement, the old triangular flags are no longer suitable.

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Some people have a vision of the desert being mostly sand but The Simpson Desert has vegetation, although quite sparse in places, is quite varied and is home to a variety of wildlife.Check out “3 Dreams of Black” – a new an interactive film by Chris Milk. With music from the album “Rome” by Danger Mouse, Daniele Luppi, featuring Jack White and Norah Jones.

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Australian 4x4 Tag Along Tours - Simpson Desert

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Mojave River Valley Museum: Desert Wildlife Desert Carnivores. Carnivores are predators and chiefly eat meat, although some will consume plants.

They will drink water when it is available, but are not dependent on it since the moisture-rich flesh of their prey satisfies their water needs. The lower sign reads (in part): You are entering a wildlife timberdesignmag.com the edge of the Siuslaw National Forest, this acre privately owned botanical preserve is thickly forested with native spruce and hemlock, and serves as the perfect place to test the hardiness of .

Danger In The Desert [T.

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