Gsk a merger too far

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Gsk a merger too far

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most competitive industry in the world.

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Mergers, generics and better medicines are responsible for this situation. GSK has done further mergers, which help the company being more and more influential.

Gsk a merger too far

But in this competitive environment, mergers are not sufficient. Indeed, generic products and new drugs that are considered better are getting more popular and tend to be more appreciated by the customers.

GSK should thus think about its product range in order to fit the market demand. The controls, restrictions and pressures are really important in pharmaceutical organization in many countries such as France, USA, Japan, etc.

Some governments are directly involved in the price control of pharmaceuticals products. The pricing strategy is actually essential, especially in the pharmaceutical industry, as it is a budget that cannot be cut down by customers. People belonging to lower class will always prefer low price drugs.

Developing new products in the pharmaceutical industry is time taking 15years averageit requires money, and you can never be sure that the product will be commercialized.

Gsk a merger too far

Indeed, many phases are required and 1 products over will finally be selected and a new molecule or drug tested by GSK can fail at any stage. Moreover, a product that appears really promising can be a commercial failure even if a lot of money, time and employees effort were used.

This could be an occasion and an easier way for customers could share their problems. While western countries are used to consuming drugs to fight against illness, emerging countries are not as fortunate and do not have enough financial means to do so.

Not to mention that the pharmaceutical industry is not developed and this clearly represents an all time opportunity for GSK. Indeed, emerging countries have to fight against illness as well as malnutrition.

Positioning a company on a new market is a real advantage. In this way it is rewarding to increase its profit but also to educate a population, to increase life expectancy of people and thus to increase its brand image. With the development of new technologies and new technics, GSK can have huge advantages over competitors.

Using new sciences such as specially antibodies, oncology or genomic-based drugs in order to develop more efficient drugs with less side effects and personalized drugs will definitely improve GSK competitivity. Moreover, the development of new marketing and commercial technics would help GSK in increasing their sales.

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Takeda’s fifth tweak to its cash-and-stock offer for Shire seems to have done the trick, with the two companies reaching a preliminary agreement on a deal that values Shire at £46bn (around $65bn). Rumour: We are getting reports that GSK, following their announcement reported in the FT on 31st January of a likely 3, job cuts globally, are to close their Harlow branch, formerly the Smith Kline Beecham flagship facility, with the likely loss of 2, jobs.

Workers at the facility were told they would be made redundant on Thursday. A reminder, if one were needed that, the employees of. 13 Mins Ago. The companies signed up for $ billion in new loans, leases and lines of credit last month, up from $ billion a year earlier, the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association said.

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