Jim jones and the people temple outline paper

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Jim jones and the people temple outline paper

Its relationship to Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple, and therefore to the Jonestown massacre, is an important issue that will be discussed in subsequent pages.

Here, however, we are concerned with the initial reports of the massacre. And, in particular with those responsible for labeling the disaster a "mass suicide"contrary to the evidence being gathered by Dr.

The person who seems to have been most responsible for spinning the story in that way was Dr. Hardat Sukhdeo, a psychiatrist.

Sukhdeo is, or perhaps was, "an anti-cult activist" whose professional interests according to an autobiographical note were "homicide, suicide, and the behavior of animals in electro-magnetic fields. Sukhdeo began giving interviews to the press, including the New York Times, "explaining" what had happened.

Jim Jones, he said, "was a genius of mind control, a master. He knew exactly what he was doing. I have never seen anything like this Sukhdeo had been able to see in his few minutes in Georgetown is unclear.

Jim jones and the people temple outline paper

But his importance in shaping the story is undoubted: Accordingly, he was widely quoted, and what he had to say was immediately echoed by colleagues back in the States. That Sukhdeo's opinions were preconceived, rather than based upon evidence, however, seems obvious.

Even so, it is clear that he was aware of the work that Dr. Mootoo had donewhich, as we have seen, contradicted Sukhdeo's statements about "mass suicides. This can only have been a reference to Dr. Mootoo's somewhat cursory examination, in which Jones's body was slit open on the ground.

It is difficult to understand how Sukhdeo could have been aware of that procedure without also knowing of Mootoo's finding that most of the victims had been murdered.


Sukhdeo was himself a native of Guyana, though a resident of the United States. He claimed at the time that he'd come to Georgetown at his own expense to counsel and study those who had survived.

But that is in dispute. According to his attorney, Robert Bockelman, Dr. Sukhdeo retained him to prevent his having to testify at the Larry Layton trial in San Francisco.According to a research paper on Reverend Jim Jones and the People's Temple, a cult is “a deviant organized action, generally rather restricted and temporary, in which the individual zealously devotes himself to some leader or ideal".

Founded in by Jim Jones, the Peoples Temple started in Indianapolis, Indiana as a racially integrated church that focused on helping people in need.

At a time when most churches were segregated, the Peoples Temple offered a very different, utopian view of what society could become. The Reverend Jim Jones in the s (credit: Nancy Wong) But it seems, it wasn’t just politicians who took an interest in the People’s Temple.

In the s, the CIA opened a secret file on Jim Jones.

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The agency has always refused to explain what their interest was in Jones, and they would later inexplicably claim the file was empty. People’s Temple, life in Jonestown, and the events that led up to the Jonestown Death Tape.

The story begins with Jim Jones, a minister who passionately preached the bible in Indianapolis. This phrase is a reference to the mass-suicide of over people from a cult known as The People’s Temple in Jonestown, Guyana led by Jim Jones.

Jim Jones created The People’s Temple, a civil rights group, which gained popularity in Redwood, California. By the late s, the Peoples Temple was a success, with a congregation of more than people.

Still, Jones had even larger ambitions and, to accommodate them, became the improbable protege of an extremely improbable man.

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