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These methods will guide you when the time comes for you to write such an essay: Show Your Gratitude The National honor society sample above started with a thankful note. Here, you need to show the high honor that you've been given.

Njhs essay

I have worked very hard to maintain an all A average at Friendswood Junior High while taking some PAP classes as well as challenging myself with Latin.

Having been told in a conference with a 5th grade teacher that I was not going to be an A student and that my parents and I needed to get used to that fact, sent me on a mission to be the best student I knew that I was capable of being, regardless of what any teacher thought.

My goal has been to be prepared and sometimes ahead of what's coming, even if it has meant giving up some free time on evenings and the weekends. I have and continue to work hard to achieve my goals and take pride in my accomplishments thus far.

I am never happy with something that is anything than less than my best effort. This applies across my academics and my favorite pastime of playing travel baseball. I am very capable of being an honorable leader.

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I am trustworthy and responsible. If something is expected of me, I try my best to live up to the standards that are required and strive to do even better. I am true to my word and can be trusted to complete a task on time.

I am not one to follow a crowd, but have made choices that are in my best interest and not necessarily what everyone else is doing. I enjoy being unique and known around FJH as funny, friendly and generally a happy guy.

I feel that my character and personality are well suited for the NJHS standards. I feel privileged to attend Friendswood Junior High since it is known for its academics and number of high performing students.

In my time here, one thing I have noticed is that you always hear people talking down about other students, how someone is weird, not cool, what they are wearing.

It can be a hard place to fit in. I have the ability to befriend people because of my sense of humor. I find that if people would see that the differences are what make our school unique and that everyone has something to contribute.

FJH would and could be better. The hard part is breaking down barriers, getting this message through, and teaching acceptance.

Cliques and groups often dominate an environment making this challenge even more difficult, but one I feel can and should be addressed seeing the number of young teens who are bullied or made to feel less of a person.National Junior Honor Society application essay.

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National Honor Society Application Essay 5/5(2). National Junior Honor Society is a great opportunity. Everyone would love to be involved in NJHS and share ideas, listen to others ideas about fundraisers and collecting donations.

If you love helping the needy and have participated in countless things. National Junior Honor Society.

Njhs essay

National Junior Honor Society is a great opportunity for me; something that I am really excited to have. I would love to be involved in NJHS and share my ideas/listen to others ideas about fundraisers and collecting donations, etc.

I love helping the needy and have participated in countless things.4/4(26). I wish to be a member of the AW Spence Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society because to be a member of this prestigious organization means so much to me just to be invited to be one of its members/5(5).

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Contact. Association Drive Reston, Virginia [email protected] Payment Remit. PO Box Boston, MA National Honor Society (nhs) Essay Sample National honor society essay. It would be a privilege to have the opportunity of being in a recognized program such as nhs tips in this essay.

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