Research paper on women

It discusses their selflessness, their passions for improving educational opportunities for others, as well as the significant contributions they made to the field of education and in related movements. Equity in the academy with regard to gender equality is also discussed. Keywords Academy; Discrimination; Educational opportunity; Equity; Gender equality; Male privilege; Public education; Salary gap; Seminary; Women educators Overview Education has always been considered the ticket to upward mobility in the United States, promoting economic benefits such as higher earnings and increased national productivity, and noneconomic benefits like intellectual values, problem solving, and increased civic participation Lewis,

Research paper on women

Women's suffrage was the most controversial women's rights issue of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and divided early Research paper on women on ideological lines. After women secured the right to vote inthe women's rights movement lost much of its momentum.

Research paper on women

World War I and II encouraged women to do their patriotic duty by entering the workforce to support the war effort. Many women assumed they would leave the working world when men returned from service, and many did. However, other women enjoyed the economic benefits of working outside the home and remained in the workforce permanently.

After WWII, the women's rights movement had difficulty coming together on important issues. It was not until the socially explosive s that the modern feminist movement would be re-energized. In the four decades since, the women's movement has tackled many issues that are considered discriminatory toward women including: Two ongoing issues in which women seek social change are those having to do with wage discrimination and reproductive health.

Feminist and American responses to the movement have generally fallen along Research paper on women lines: The women's rights movement rose during the nineteenth century in Europe and America in response to great inequalities between the legal statuses of women and men.

During this time, advocates fought for suffrage, the right to own property, equal wages, and educational opportunities Lorber, In the United States, suffrage proved to be one of the driving issues behind the movement.

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However, when the movement first began, many moderate feminists saw the fight for voting rights as radical and feared that it would work against their efforts to reach less controversial goals such as property ownership, employment, equal wages, higher education, and access to birth control.

The divide between moderate and radical feminists started early in America's history and continues to be present in the women's movement Leone, Suffrage First proposed as a federal amendment inwomen's suffrage floundered for many years before the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment gave women the right to vote in When the women were dismissed by Wilson, members of the party began a picket at the White House.

Their protest lasted 18 months. Its members saw the picket as somewhat "militant" and sought to win suffrage state by state rather than through a federal amendment Leone, America's involvement in World War I during the spring of affected the women's suffrage movement in a number of ways. The differences between the two groups led to hostility that continued until August of when the Nineteenth Amendment was passed.

Historians disagree about which party was most influential. Many credit the combination of militant and moderate strategies that were employed by each group Leone, After the women's suffrage movement, some men and women considered the fight for women's rights to be over.

Many of the organizations that had been so active in promoting suffrage disbanded after the Nineteenth Amendment was ratified.

Though some women's suffrage groups did continue as organizations--namely, the League of Women Voters--the feminist movement sputtered without a unifying cause Leone, The Great Depression of the s further hurt the women's movement: However, this entry was accompanied by the assumption that women would exit the workforce once American men returned from service.

Postwar America saw a steep decline in participation in the women's rights movement.

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The numbers of women attending college dropped during the s as women married earlier and had more children. Applications The women's rights movement re-formed during the s as the women's liberation movement Lorber, The period would mark the "revitalization of feminism" Leone, According to Judith Lorber, twentieth-century feminism was more fragmented than nineteenth-century feminism, perhaps as a result of deeper understandings of the sources of gender inequality Lorber, In the twenty-first century, there are still many issues that challenge women's economic and political status in the world, and women of all kinds are fighting many battles on many fronts.

Challenges to gender equality occur in many ways. Some of the most commonly recognized issues are: Men tend to have higher educational attainments, though in the US and Western world this gap is rapidly closing.

Women's Rights Movement

Men occupying the same jobs as women tend to be paid more, promoted more frequently, and receive more recognition for their accomplishments. In some countries, men have more access to and receive better health care than women. Women are subjected to violence and exploitation at greater rates than men.

Women still perform the majority of domestic duties such as housework and child care Lorber, Research paper on women of juarez. Sunday November 18th, Segregation of waste essay yellow earth analysis essay university microfilms international dissertations on parental involvement sari essayah silverado baron essay robber deaf research paper dream act essay introduction vaccination essay judy brady i want a wife essay analysis.

Research paper on women

Womens Suffrage Research Paper; Womens Suffrage Research Paper. Words Apr 9th, 4 Pages. During the late 19th century, women were in a society where man was dominant. Women not having natural born rights, such as the right to vote, to speak in public, access to equal education, and so forth, did not stop them to fight for their rights.

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women serving as CEOs in Fortune companies (Barsh & Yee, ). One factor that might help explain this lack of women in top leadership is the unique challenges experienced by women in the workplace compared to males.

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