Risk diagram business plan kaplan and norton

One of the big challenges faced in the design of Balanced Scorecard-based performance management systems is deciding what activities and outcomes to monitor. By providing a simple visual representation of the strategic objectives to be focused on, along with additional visual cues in the form of the perspectives and causal arrows, the strategy map has been found useful in enabling discussion within a management team about what objectives to choose, and subsequently to support discussion of the actual performance achieved. Kaplan and David P. Norton [7] proposed a simple design method for choosing the content of the Balanced Scorecard based on answers to four generic questions about the strategy to be pursued by the organization.

Risk diagram business plan kaplan and norton

Category A named group of things that have something in common. Categories are used to group similar things together. For example, Cost Types are used to group similar types of Cost. CEC Central electronics complex.

Certification Issuing a certificate to confirm Compliance to a Standard. Certification includes a formal Audit by an independent and Accredited body. The term Certification is also used to mean awarding a certificate to verify that a person has achieved a qualification.

Central processor complex CPC The unit within a cluster that provides the management function for the storage server.

risk diagram business plan kaplan and norton

It consists of cluster processors, cluster memory, and related logic. Change The addition, modification or removal of anything that could have an effect on IT Services. This board is usually made up of representatives from all areas within the IT Service Provider, representatives from the Business and Third Parties such as Suppliers.

risk diagram business plan kaplan and norton

The primary objective of Change Management is to enable beneficial Changes to be made, with minimum disruption to IT Services.

Change Request See Request for Change. Change Schedule A Document that lists all approved Changes and their planned implementation dates. A Change Schedule is sometimes called a Forward Schedule of Change, even though it also contains information about Changes that have already been implemented.

Channel 1 A path along which signals can be sent; for example, data channel and output channel. Channel Interface The circuitry in a storage control that attaches storage paths to a host channel.

Charging Requiring payment for IT Services. Chronological Analysis A technique used to help identify possible causes of Problems. All available data about the Problem is collected and sorted by date and time to provide a detailed timeline.

This can make it possible to identify which Events may have been triggered by others. For example, Client Manager may be used as a synonym for Account Manager. The term client is also used to mean: For example an e-mail Client.

When the Status is Closed, no further action is taken. A provider of storage networking solutions including channel extension devices. Many Standards consist of a Code of Practice and a Specification.

The Code of Practice describes recommended Best Practice. Equipment and resources must be installed in such a facility to duplicate the critical business functions of an organization. Compliance Ensuring that a Standard or set of Guidelines is followed, or that proper, consistent accounting or other practices are being employed.

Component A general term that is used to mean one part of something more complex. Components that need to be managed should be Configuration Items.Module1 Data Recommendations Output Four-Action Output SWOT Output Porter Output Competition Output Cover Sheet Vision Mission Recommendations Strategy Map.

A strategy map template is a reference diagram to help showing your organization's strategy on a single page. Use it to communicate big-picture objectives.

Thanks to Kaplan and Norton. IKEA Business Model 'Partnership with the Client' Business Modeling. Views. MBA Dictionary of Business Management Methods. This management dictionary contains a description and explanation of terms and methods.

It's a management glossary. For another example: refer to Exhibit 8 – National Insurance: Lag and Lead Indicators (Kaplan and Norton, “Linking the Balanced Scorecard to Strategy,” ) You should be able to look at your measures and infer the business strategy the company is .


A Strategy Map is a diagram that describes how a company or organisation can create value by linking strategic objectives in a cause and effect relationship.

align business activities to a vision and strategy of an organisation. Classic Kaplan/Norton. Productivity Strategy. Operations Management Processes. Supply. Production. . Editor’s Note: In , Robert S.

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Kaplan and David P. Norton’s concept of the balanced scorecard revolutionized conventional thinking about performance metrics. By going beyond traditional.

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