Vandalism graffiti and mural contest

Both aim to bring art to the masses by putting it on walls and public spaces. Festival Inspire is an annual event that has put 32 murals and installations by Canadian and international artists around Greater Moncton.

Vandalism graffiti and mural contest

Fort Myers Mural Society has been working toward this vision of artistic identity and cultural richness in Fort Myers since Our goal is to become one of the key mural destinations for tourism in SWFL.

Mural destinations boast increased tourism which results in significant tax revenues. FMMS has developed a project plan that will coordinate and promote public mural art through an annual festival speeding us toward our goal, while it brings the community together around art. Through the organized efforts of the Fort Myers Mural Society, this program will rely on corporate sponsors, grant and private funding as well as public participation and community involvement.

Please join us in pictorially preserving and celebrating the art, history, environment and cultural richness of Fort Myers while increasing the charm and character of our city for residents and visitors alike.

We will take pride in: It is our dedication and enthusiasm for this project that we hope you will embrace with your support.

Vandalism graffiti and mural contest

The Fort Myers Mural society is a non-profit, c 3 organization whose objectives include the Revitalization, Preservation and Economic Enhancement of our community through the painting of murals that depict the rich history of our area.

Why create a mural? The benefits of murals are plentiful! They beautify and enhance an area, boost the local economy and foster community partnerships and pride! Above all, they are fun! The Fort Myers Mural Society looks forward to assisting artists, community organizations, business and property owners, as well as arts and heritage organizations, by bringing their story to our walls that talk and tell amazing stories!

Please join us in pictorially preserving and celebrating the art, history and culture of FMMS while increasing the charm and character of our city for residents and visitors alike.

We look forward to working with you and seeing visitors and locals alike visiting out downtown and viewing our walls that talk and tell a story!

“Tribute to Spain Rodriguez” – Holley Farm Market, 233 Allen – Ian de Beer

The purpose of this corporation is: To offer outdoor art as a vehicle to increase tourism and enhance the local economy of Fort Myers and the surrounding SWFL area. Honor and preserve our local history, as well as the cultural and nature aspects of our area through artistic expression and community involvement.

To bring art to the area as a way to foster community pride. You may ask how you can help? The Fort Myers Mural Society relies upon donations from individuals, corporations and organizations.Is graffiti art or vandalism?

That is a question that has long been debated. According to a recent American-Statesman story by Nancy Flores about a group of artists and community organizers dedicated to restoring and preserving street art and graffiti murals, it appears that in Austin some types of graffiti indeed equate to art.

What exactly should we consider vandalism? Is graffiti vandalism? And if so, how can street art be the solution to stopping it? along with artist “Jiant,” painted the biggest mural of the city to date, occupying a square meter wall in Villa Urquiza.

the city government launched a public contest hoping to find innovating projects. Now he will spend at least eight months behind bars after pleading guilty to 15 counts of graffiti vandalism between and The year-old, who has a young daughter, also pleaded guilty to possessing a can of CS spray, which is prohibited.

I come from a small town in New Jersey with polished sidewalks and pristine buildings. During my college search, I was drawn to Philadelphia because of its elaborate street art. I love the parts of the city that are splashed with color, from large-scale murals to graffiti-filled alleyways.

Update: As of this morning, the wall has been repaired, and all is right in the world of love. Anonymous vandals recently defaced the wildly popular “i love you so much” mural on the side of Jo’s Coffee on South Congress Avenue and vandalized the coffee shop’s trash cans.

It's why graffiti discovered on the mural late last week is so disappointing. Police say it's one of at least four buildings damaged in a vandalism spree.

"I think it was very disrespectful in a big way because there was a lot of .

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