Women impowerment speach

The following is a speech on the need and importance of women empowerment in the present scenario.

Women impowerment speach

As the report in front of us points out, this however is possible only if the right support is provided for them to transform and uplift businesses to serve as social enterprises. Social enterprises create proportionally more jobs for women than the for-profit sector, they provide opportunities for entrepreneurial and leadership roles for women and can help deliver targeted products and services to meet the requirements of women and girls.

In Pakistan, 20 per cent of social enterprises are led by women, compared to 5 per cent for other companies. This provides a unique opportunity to leverage social enterprise to further gender equality, innovation and productivity. In this context, I would like to offer five key policy priorities that along with the other recommendations of the Pakistan report in front of us can play an instrumental role.

Addressing persistent gender inequalities requires lifelong education and training to equip women with the necessary skills, because entrepreneurial businesses and cultures change over time. Financial literacy is an equally important aspect of acquiring life-long entrepreneurial skills.

Urgent action is needed in Pakistan where less than 30 per cent of women are in the paid workforce; only two per cent of business loans go to women.

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Second, the ASEAN experience has further demonstrated the benefit of enhancing the outreach of financial services with proactive involvement of the private sector to promote micro and small business. Leveraging this calls for designing the right government programmes with greater reliance on social sector financing options.

Not only does it facilitate diversified lending, but also helps lower transactional costs for women entrepreneurs as markets are incentivized through credit enhancements to offer women better access to SME equity and bond markets; trading platforms; digital financial services; impact and gender lens investing; and crowdfunding.

Most of all, ICT now offers an opportunity for Fintechs to fast replace traditional financing schemes.

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It has potential to connect large numbers of people instantly across time zones and create larger pools of funding. Third, we need to equip the next generation of women business leaders with social values as well as business acumen.

We need an environment in which the captains of industry are judged not just by their profit margins but also on their broader approach to society and the environment. With this in mind, I commend the leadership of the Government of Pakistan on plans to establish a Centre for Social Entrepreneurship.

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ESCAP stands ready to support you to establish this innovative new venture including by sharing best practice from across the region. Fourth, access to finance is a more significant challenge for social entrepreneurs pursuing economic, social and environmental objectives because traditional investment decisions are made solely on commercial criteria.

Creating an enabling environment for impact investment is needed to catalyse companies, organizations and funds to seek social and environmental change while maintaining the quest for financial returns. To create an enabling impact investment climate, the foundations for an effective investment regime must be in place that call for establishing efficient processes for starting a business, resolving insolvency, strengthening protection for minority investors and contract enforcement as first order priorities.

The regulators have a role to play in this context and I hope they will step up to the plate. Fifth, based on this policy framework, providing incentives for investors to move from investment to impact investment should be a next crucial step. South Asia has been at the forefront of this trend.

Women impowerment speach

Twelve - mostly developed countries - have already set up National Advisory Boards for impact investing to engage investors and policymakers on this agenda. Japan, India and soon the Republic of Korea, are engaged in these efforts.Women’s empowerment speech are encouraging stories that make other women in despair stand up for timberdesignmag.com speeches drive us to become our best selves.

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Women impowerment speach

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