Write a program for an anti-tie down circuit of the americas

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Write a program for an anti-tie down circuit of the americas

I think you should be careful running the two hand tie down function through the PLC. As with any safety circuit you should not rely on the PLC.

The two hand control must be implemented by specific safety component as recognised in Europe under the machnery directivei.

NRC: Event Notification Report for January 10,

The only exception to the above is to use a safety programmable device such as the micro safe PLC, e. If you require any further claification please let me know. By Weir, Bryan on 24 January, - 3: This must be hardwired. By R A Peterson on 29 January, - 5: The odd part is that I have seen it implemented by using a two-handed PB module with its output sent directly to the PLC and the PLC then initiating the desired action.

The hard wired stuff makes a lot of sense for punch press type applications, but is really not applicable directly to a process controlled by a PLC.

write a program for an anti-tie down circuit of the americas

On a few machines that required a manual clampup, they would use one of the two hand PBs as the clamp signal. If the light curtain was free, and both PBs were pressed, that was a cycle start signal.

I never liked this approach much, but the way the machine was mechanically designed I figured it was not worth arguing over as it was not a punch press, and was designed in such a way as getting ones hands caught in something was just about impossible.

I generally lobbied for hardwiring the light curtain output into the table control so it could not move while the light curtain was broken, but alas the customer did not like this approach and had the PLC enable the table rotation.

In my mind, this is the only "safe" way to implement loading parts into a dial type machine, and still have the machine practical. Of course this reduces the need for operators, which may or may not be good, depending on your POV. By Mark Meng on 29 January, - 5: That implies, safety operation controlled by software is allowed, but needs to be certified.

Mark By Michael Griffin on 24 January, - 4: There has been a change over the last few years in what many people consider to be accepted practice in safety applications, and this includes moving certain safety functions out to dedicated hardware.

You can find information on anti tie down relays and other types of safety relays and their application in the literature which the manufacturers provide.

The largest manufacturers of these devices seem to be Jokab and Pilz, but a number of other companies are also in the business Schmerzal, Banner, Siemens, etc.

The main point is to have a redundant interface or what is considered to be a fail safe design. This means that the trigger devices need to be checked on open and close and there needs to be more than one contact per hand to verify the operation.

Then the redundant PLCs can make a determination of the correct action.

Programming a Two Hand Tie Down

I am not sure if I can share this info with you without checking with them first, they have been very difficult about program ownership. If you would like, I can do this or you can contact them directly to discuss proper implementation at Dale By Ralphsnyder, Grayg on 29 January, - 5: In the interests of liability and not re-inventing the wheel - I recommend - and have always used - someone else's anti-tie down relay.

Most PLC manufacturer's will tell you not to use their product in a manner such that when it fails it could lead to a life threatening event. Eventually someone that doesn't know what they are doing is going to modify your program or make a wiring change that invalidates what you did.

When your program or PLC fails then you are the bad guy or girl. When their anti-tie down relay fails then a good bit of the burden is relieved from you.

write a program for an anti-tie down circuit of the americas

Of course, you have to apply it per the manufacturer's instructions. As stated by others, there is a whole bunch of anti-tie down relays available for your consideration. I am unable to find any information, or maybe you can cross over part numbers of theirs, either way, I need to find out about this.

You people are giving me a chill up my spine. To make sure nothing unsafe gets implemented please read this complete message.

They impose requirements on reliability, self-checking, and external safety circuits like brake monitors and anti-tie down monitors, or a redundant PLC as suggested by Dale Witman.

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